In the Eighties, upon the waters of Iseo Lake (northern Italy), a DJ and a keyboardist (respectively T. Scarfone and M. Scarabelli) form “BRAND IMAGE”, a disco music band of the italo-disco genre. As the first music pieces are written, they are joined by Carlo “Charley” Finazzi, a singer.

From now on, BRAND IMAGE becomes an international act, selling even in Finland and Japan hits like “Are You Loving?” (1983, Il Discotto Production), “Moving Up” (1984, Il Discotto Production) and “Love In A Summer Night” (1985, Time Records).

In 1985 the band splits up, and only Charley remains. Still as BRAND IMAGE, the next year he records “Around Goes The World” for Mantra Records.

Many years pass by. In 2009, on May, Charley comes back, re-recording BRAND IMAGE tracks with a new band, mixing electronic music with live performance. A double-single is produced (“Are You Loving?” and “Love In A Summer Night”) under a new label, Music Manor. The recording sees the participation of:

- Nicola Fraccaro, drums

- Federico Maestri, bass

- Federico Siani, guitars

- Tamer Abdalla, keyboards

The fellowship between Charley and the new band is instantly very strong. The renewed creative boost of BRAND IMAGE is consequently enriched with new lymph.