The “Brand Image” brand was born in 1983 on the shores of Lake Iseo from an idea by T. Scarfone, DJ and owner of “Radio Lago 1” (BG), and by M. Scarabelli, keyboard player.

The first songs were born and the voice was added to the two, Charley (Carlo Finazzi).

The brand becomes an international band.
The genre is disco-music, better known today as Italo-disco.

The following are engraved:

“Are You Loving?” (Il Discotto Production)
“Moving Up” (Il Discotto Production)
“Loving In A Summer Night” (Time Records)

After this last disc-mix, in 1985 the band dissolved and the brand became the exclusive property of Carlo Finazzi (Charley), who the following year recorded “Around Goes The World” (Mantra Records), as a soloist and always with name “Brand Image”.

In the same period, due to the significant commitments of active political militancy assumed by Charley, “Brand Image” enters a state of productive quiescence.

During the month of May 2009, the never dormant impulse to make music pushed Charley again on this front that reincides “Are You Loving” and “Loving In A Summer Night” (Music Manor) bringing back to light “Brand Image “.

The songs are entirely revised and rearranged both in the sounds and in the intention of the song. Electronics are supported by real musicians who play unsampled instruments.

For the realization of this first double single of the rebirth, Charley introduced in Brand Image:

  • Nicola Fraccaro (drums)
  • Federico Siani (guitars)
  • Federico Maestri (bass)
  • Tamer Abdalla (keyboards)

with equal dignity. The partnership is magical and the production full of new lymph.